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SIP Connect

When someone stands at a door or barrier, you want to be able to communicate with the visitors remotely before letting them pass. With the Robin SIP Video intercoms, a voice/video link is established with a preconfigured extension or group number the instant someone presses the bell. Conversely, a direct link can also be made from the PABX to the video intercom. The Robin intercom systems are connected by means of the SIP protocol to a large variety of PABX and telephone systems. You can find a compatibility overview at product level.

Intercom and screen combination
Intercom and screen combination

Powering, configuring and operating doors

The Robin SIP video systems are powered via "power-over-ethernet". This does away with the need for a separate power supply. Just one IP connection to the internal network is enough. Configuration is performed via a practical web interface, while an integrated door-open contact lets you grant access and speak to the visitors remotely, easily and safely.